Final 31 

The month of January found me reflecting daily on the aspects of my life that I am grateful for. This was also a chance to evaluate portions that were not fulfilling me and see what I could do about changing my perspective.

Yesterday I reviewed my daily posts to see if I had missed any really obvious posts. Which brings me to today and the final 31st day of gratitude and the facets of my life that are so important. I did touch on all the important ones like family, friends, fitness, health and the blessings that a full and varied life have given me. I very briefly touched on my soul mate — perhaps a bit too briefly as all I mentioned was how lucky I was that he liked to cook. The reality is that he really does complete me and I know how blessed that makes me. We get each other, bring out the best in our partner and take the edge off of the rough spots. Together we have built a life that is fulfilling. We give back to our community, our family and friends are paramount in our lives and yet we can focus on each other just as easily.

Through this review I am reaffirming to myself a commitment to fitness and to my mental health. This includes picking up a book more and my phone less. It focuses me on fitness goals as that’s how I know I can keep pushing myself to stay strong and fit.

I’ve had a timely reminder from Darci Lang’s Attitude Booster that I need to be mindful of what I say at work as my words can speak louder than my actions. I must focus on the 90% positives in that environment and not let the 10% become the “story” that I focus on at work. It’s an easy out to focus on the negative and not see the positives.

My theme this year is moderation which seems fitting and works well with keeping a relative balanced day/week/life in check; which is something I often struggle with as I get too committed to one thing or another as the year goes along. It might be picking saskatoons, building a rock wall or taking too much call at work so even my unbalanced balances out if you follow my drift.

My 30 days of gratitude have come to a conclusion. I recognize that I am fulfilled, blessed and healthy but that life is precious and each day must be appreciated.


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