Look what’s burning! 

Usually those words would strike terror except in the case of a cold winter evening when the wind is blowing and the fireplace is what is burning. Our heritage home came without a fireplace because The Richardson’s were rich Americans (this is a true story) and had put in a big boiler with central heat which was the latest thing when the house was built. So that meant we were required to be inventive to figure out where the fireplace would go as with the existing floor plan it wasn’t going to fit on the main floor.

A Valor Gas Fireplace — note the tile around the fireplace and the space between the gas inset and the mantel.


A slightly different look between the fireplace and the mantel. Also a different look inside the actual fireplace — this being the one we like.
So we have been fireplace shopping and have had a qualified dealer come out tonight to check out the situation and give us our options. We have a cast iron inset from the President’s Residence at the U of S that we would love to reuse so he is checking to see about sizes and clearances and venting and all sorts of other issues. Then we are figuring out which way we can and can not vent it out and how easy and hard that will be. It will be really nice to have that portion of the work done by a contractor which is a rare treat for us and means we can focus more on the aesthetics.


The cast iron inset we hope to reuse
This is a heritage home in the city — note that amazing tile between the mantel and the firebox. I want a solid dark green in that same shape.

This is option one that I picked up at Habitat a few years ago. It has been spray painted a shiny black so that will have to go but haven’t decided if it should be painted or stripped and stained.

This is option two that we bought from an antique store a few years ago. It is quite large though compared to the actual cast iron inset and the actual Valor fireplace. It’s hard to rationalize pulling it apart and cutting it down plus it is so big on the wall it doesn’t leave any room for small chairs on either side. Insert sad face.
So now we just have to make it so and then pay for it. I do wish it was as easy as when Captain Kirk said it to Scottie! There will be lots of micro decisions to make along the way I am sure and perhaps a few set backs but perhaps by the time the snow melts it will be installed, she says hopefully but accepting that the chances of that are slim!


PS If you happen to have a concept where we could find specialized tile like the photo above please leave me a comment. It has to be the right size which is not a modern size at all plus the colour choice is important for us as well.

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