Magical Metallic 

This post is approximately is 254 days late because I wanted the “finished” product before I did the reveal. Ah, such high expectations that just aren’t realistic. For one thing, when working with historical materials, nothing comes easy. Labour intensive actions and when it comes to parts it’s a slow search. So here is where we are at.

In April of 2015 I finished putting the metallic paint on the tin ceiling in the basement. I didn’t post for two reasons: I wanted to include a video so you could see how the coverage occurred and I wanted the lights in place. Well neither are included in this post but I have just decided “what the he_ _”.

So without too much prelude here is the painted tin ceiling tiles. The photo below shows one of the 4 pot lights we did get hung.

This photo shows the hanging globe light above the bar area and a nice distance shot of the colon along with one of the wood covered beams.

This view is of the 2 school house lights that are hung. Ron redid the electrical and I painted both the base and the light holder the metallic colour. They sit so nicely in the tin ceiling light medallion panels. The added bonus is that they work but don’t ask the electrician about this as it was a few swear words and more time that he said it should take.

The next challenge is cleaning up these 2 hanging chandeliers. It wasn’t even obvious that they were brass until I spent 2 hours cleaning the first one. Sadly it’s not finished  yet in that photo; that was just first session. Ron then spent an hour or so cleaning it. He has now spent another couple of hours and a trip around speciality stores in Saskatoon looking for parts. I had hoped this weekend while I was at work he would get this one hung but needs a different gauge electrical wire and then. In the meantime I need to find heavy gloves and start on light number 2. It is unbelievably dirty work and a smidgen labour intensive as it’s just steel wool and brass cleaner on all those nicks and crannies. Meanwhile Ron is still on the hunt for parts as he stole a few from light 2 for light 1. Hence I decided to post the progress to date.

As per my usual house project post I always like to close with a pretty photo and I am having a hard time picking only one so have decided to give you two! Same day but totally different; even without sunlight I can find beauty if I look hard enough. Still smiling that I was at exactly the right spot to see the morning sun on the rock wall.



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