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Trust Me, I’m …

Who would have guessed that we would spend two pleasant weekends outside working on the tractor shed. We had, for this time of year, light layers of clothes and occasionally would even work without gloves on. It is always the wind that makes or breaks the day so inside the building is the preferred location but that’s not always were the action is. We had one heavy snow fall day but then the temps jumped back up so most of the snow has melted. Usually by now we are inside working in the basement so this is an unusual opportunity to get more outside project time.

the man door with a man.
salvaged unsquare door with some issues
a door frame from a different door
cute little knob and lock
a small challenge removing old deadbolt
somehow it all fit together HENCE the Trust Me I’m an Engineer title
the tractor door will wait till the spring

Seriously thought I find it pretty amazing the things my engineer can do. Somehow he makes things work so usually I do trust him. 


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