Busy Little Beavers 

We spent the weekend outside, like a couple of busy beavers, enjoying this wonderful warm winter weather by doing some  work on the outbuilding; aka the tractor shed. We got a brief start on it in the spring but then tootled off to work on the never ending stone wall. I did blog about the shed a couple of times but can’t find any photos taken after we set it down in the early spring and so thought I should rectify that.  ((but now in review a year later the photos had x’s on them and were not there))

Today I have pictures of our progress but probably not many words as there isn’t a lot to say. We took off all the inside particle board, reinforced the studs were necessary and framed out for the new man door. We then put the tin cladding on the cinder blocks after pulling off the first row of siding. We put that siding back on and then filled in where the old door was after we cut out the new south facing man door.

We will be changing all 3 windows that are existing and using salvaged ones from our house so that the size and style match our main buildings. The discussion is whether to proceed with that now or later.  

That was our weekend — it doesn’t sound like much when you type it out but it took the better part of two days although I would be the first to admit we didn’t get an early start either day. Of course this afternoon we ran out of siding and had to go back to the original farm yard to salvage a bit more off of the other larger granary there. Fortunately for us it was still intact although the entire area has certainly changed since I drove by and saw the building hidden in the farm yard trees.  Of course Sunday night blogging on house projects always seems to have issues and I will be darned if I can upload any photos tonight so will probably be forced to abandon this post until tomorrow when the karma turns around. It has been a struggle for sure so I will call it complete at this point. 


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