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Last Saturday we spent walking around the snow as we did this Saturday. The difference is the latitude and longitude of the locations. Today we were enjoying mild weather here in Saskatchewan and so we were outside working on our tractor shed. Last Saturday we were hiking high above Palm Springs in the Mount San Jacinto State Park.

It was as hot as usual at the bottom of the tram way but by the time we reached the top the temperature had dropped enough that shorts and t-shirts felt slightly underdressed. But we are Canadians and so we went for a 8 mile hike anyway. It was well worth the time and energy as the views were amazing.

The forest was not at all like we expected or have experienced before as there is very little vegetation except for the gigantic trees and the odd open meadow with a few grasses. The dead logs don’t grow little interesting plants and there seemed to be very little in the way of wild life although we heard a woodpecker and saw a squirrel. Ron thought I was distracted when I said “squirrel” in the middle of my sentence. I spotted a little white  bird but it turned out to be a snowman that someone had made – it was pretty funny.

We were up there long enough to see the sunset over in Joshua Tree National Park and the light fade over Palm Springs. It was a full day full of unexpected surprises. Enjoy the photos — this is my 5th and final attempt to post this blog entry!



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