It seems like a big ticket item, a once in a life time splurge. But in reality it was actually a fairly cheap set of wheels for 5 days. Which is why it was cheap; off season and short rental so the end result was $35 American per day. But really who cares about that when they can cruise around in a red Camaro with the top down. Add to that the power under the hood and the awesome driver who loves mountain roads and it’s all such a win win.

I think he had a quiet smile on his face every time he was behind the wheel. But alas life on a gravel road means that there won’t be one of these in our future.


With a very tight hold on my phone I stuck it up above the windshield for a photo of the road ahead and the cool rock formations.


Easy to get a shot of the area behind us with nothing to get in the way. Blue skies and great temperatures made it a very pleasurable journey.


Same blue sky but over the mountain range the greens disappear while the heat intensifies.
Final destination ahead amongst the palm trees of the Coachella Valley and the mountains in the side view mirror.

Seriously counting our blessings but also have to laugh at ourselves. We didn’t have a map so used the Internet to take a couple of photos on the phone to use. Today we discovered the Naviagation system with about 50 miles left to go!


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