Love Affair

I have had a love affair with the ocean for the better part of four decades.

I bet that title and opening line sucked a few people in! The story line may seem weak after the that opening punch but the ocean feels like an old friend.  I’m drawn to the waves, the blue all around and the sand shifting beneath my feet. I love the rhythmic movement and the sound of the surf. When we stayed in that beach house in the north shore of Oahu it was truly like paradise to see and listen to the waves.

So the other day when I set off for a bike ride I was hopeful that without a map I could still find my way to the ocean. We were situated at a hotel on Mission Bay in San Diego and the inlet type setting was pretty but I wanted crashing waves. So a few miles later I found more inlet and that was disappointing but after the directions of a fellow Canadian biker I kept going up and over a bridge. Voila, on the far side of that spit of land was the Pacific Ocean.

The smell of the ocean air and the feel of it on my feet. What a blessing for a prairie girl.


The bay around the hotel — protected waters with the island in front.
Not quite as far as I thought that road would go – I can just see the waves breaking way off in the distance.
There is the vista! Doesn’t it look just awesome!!








Isn't this the best castle - created with hands only.
Isn’t this the best castle – created with hands only.








The view the other direction – love the shimmer of the sun off the sand with the water rushing back.
Monday’s crazy wind brought up so much seaweed. It also brought down a lot of palm fronds but that’s a different story.

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