Second Side Starts 

The blog once again becomes the holding place for our progress on all projects relating to our 1918 Eaton’s catalogue house. This is hard to decide if it is a finish it Friday project or truly a start it Friday project but it is the second side started. The good news is that the weather held long enough so that we could get the concrete poured.

He managed to get the rebar in place but then it rained and rained. The other issue was finding a weekday afternoon where we could be home and a truck could be secured.

It all fell into place on Friday and went as smooth as silk. We felt we needed one more set of hands and neither of our offspring were available so Ron put out a call to the Dodger soccer team. We had so many skilled hands on deck that I basically didn’t do any work except make pizza dough. The deal with the Dodgers is that if you need them they will arrive with pizza and beer being the payment.

The days aren’t very long and we were ready for the truck at 4:00 with our crew on hand plus a few wheel barrels.

But it was even easier than that this year. Due to the amount of backfill we moved we can now drive around the east side to get to the walk out area. So voila — the truck did all the hard work and the concrete poured into place as you can see from that photo. 
Up at the top end by the house he couldn’t get close enough so there was a bit of wheel barrel work but nothing like taking it down the hill and around the corner!
The weather wasn’t super warm but it sure wasn’t cold either for that time of year.  There is the entirety of the wall covered in tarps as it sets up. Ron checked it the next day and apparently we have cat prints in it which is pretty funny as I doubt they had fun licking that off their pads! We were fortunate that our wonderful friend Peter had the tarps and was even nice enough to come back up, remove them and take them to his next job site.

We had great pizza and a few drinks along with lots of discussion about the current pizza oven, future pizza oven and someday the patio so we can have a hot tub. I also found out that the  outdoor kitchen wall is going to be Tyndall stone which dismayed me a little as the stone mason thing seems endless. Yeah I know it will look great.

So that is the end of that outside project for the year but as soon as it dries up enough in spring we will be pushing hard. While he does a lot of the finishing work and slow stuff on the existing wall I can use the rest of the mortar and work on the backside of the new wall. I must say that I am much more confident in my masonry skills than I was two years ago! We have two women who would really like to come and help as they are very interested in building their own walls. Me to them – you are crazy but sure come on out for a day or two and learn how it’s done. Haha – free labour!







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