All In 

There are times when events seem to take on a life of “their” own which is familiar to anyone who has been intimately involved with a wedding or building your own house. It seems like the details are all consuming.  Activities of daily living seem to fall by the way side. 

I have the feeling I’m into one of those phases right now. Most people probably won’t be surprised that when I go in I go all in. 

So it is with Team Broken Earth and our medical mission to Haiti in March of 2016. I had searched for a spot to take my professional skills and found it. So I jumped in with both feet and became the fundraising coordinator.

In the last month we have settled on a major event and a smaller fundraising option. We will host the first annual Lobster Boil at the Manhattan Ballroom on Friday November 6th. It has come together quite quickly really with a lot of the major details falling into place easily. The lobster contact was via a different organization I volunteer with, the desserts were through a committee member connections, the band literally was a recommendation from another band that we tried to book. There have been a few trials along the way like the live link for the tickets but once it was up people have found it super easy to use. In case you are looking for how to buy tickets they can be found at this link — Team Broken Earth — just hit the buy tickets button. If you don’t like lobster don’t worry there will be steak as soon as I get that detail organized — one of those things that hasn’t fallen into place yet because there always has to be one or two details that keep your heart rate up.

When I haven’t busy with those details I am working on creating calendars and cards for sale. My friend Janice has used some of my photos in the past on her mother’s yearly calendar and I have used them for family calendars. I have had lots of compliments about some of my photos and thought this was a wonderful opportunity to create something here that was a win win. So by the middle of November there will be Team Broken Earth calendars for the upcoming year and the price will be so reasonable that it will be a great stocking stuffer type of gift. There will also be 3 series of 4 cards each;  University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon and native flowers. They will be blank inside and come with envelopes. I have been working with Janice finding the WOW factor pictures and when we needed a couple more photos we have tapped a couple of local photographers on the shoulder to supply the “missing” ones. I didn’t have any stellar lake ones and now have too many options but that is better than not enough. The calendar is called Prairie Spaces and I will keep you posted about details for how to buy them.

Then in the meantime I have been inspired by the photos of the orphanage and a trip to the quilt show to do decide to do some quilts to take along. I know that there is a link via the team to a program called Stitches where local amputees sew items and sell them so wondered about taking material along. That’s still an option but I really want to pack along some quilts for the orphanage so have started on one of those. I have a long list of projects for the attic and this seemed like the pick me project to get me started on a creative twist. So I have utilized “scraps” that were given to me and created a bright cheerful top. If you are a quilter and want to take on a quilt to go along let me know or if you have flannel to donate for quilt backs feel free to leave a comment or message me.

As I said I am ALL IN!! I probably won’t blog again until after the Lobster Boil — it seems like time is at a premium right now.


My fiend Janice suggested I have the link here in case there are an interested readers who don’t like lobster, steak, bands or calendars or perhaps don’t live here but would still like to support this cause. So here is the Link to Team Broken Earth Donation Page — just click on my name to make a donation. The receipt is emailed directly to you.


2 thoughts on “All In 

  1. Georgina October 28, 2015 / 9:33 am

    I am sure that I can part with a quilt or 2!!


    • bernielynne October 28, 2015 / 10:21 am

      Perhaps you would have a spare or two hanging around seems you routinely make 16 at a time!


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