The Dark 

It creeps up on me every year and catches me unaware. It starts in August but I never really notice until mid September. By mid October it is a full-fledged assault but the good news is that in only 2 months the reversal starts to happen.

Yes it’s the darkness of morning and night that I am talking about.
I was trying to finish up garden work last week and it was full dusky dark by 6:15pm. The 6:15am alarm isn’t doing the trick in the morning as my body just doesn’t seem to like getting up in the dark.

The strange thing is that I don’t seem to be able to capitalize on the darkness of the evening too a)get to bed at a decent time or b)commence some of my 10 projects in 10 months campaign or c)read a book.  That might be because, at this moment, my volunteer life is running full tilt as we prepare for the Lobster Boil.

I do know that the darkness is seasonal and that it’s super important for me to get enough exercise (which I’m not at the moment), take Vitamin D and get as much day time sunlight as possible. Fortunately second summer is lingering on so its awesome to still be outside. I even had lunch outside twice this week which was an awesome treat. Tonight I bbq’d ribs, in the dark, but wearing capris and no jacket so that was fabulous because as we all know winter is coming. I also found three haikus from my poetry journey two years ago that speak well to this subject.


The dark of the night

Has invaded my daytime

Winter is coming


I Walk in the dark

Two months till days are longer

Bring on the Solstice


Two dogs and two cats

Had their flashlight walk tonight

Along a thin path


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