Vote Nation 

My father advise was  “don’t talk politics or religion”. Now as a mature adult I have a couple of reflections on his advise. 

Number one is that he said this at all. My father was a man with strong opinions and yet politics wasn’t something that was discussed. It probably was at the kitchen table level but I probably had my nose in a book and wasn’t paying any attention. I suspect, strongly, that my father voted Conservative.

My children always wanted to know who I had voted for and I always declined to tell them. Retrospectively I missed a chance to educate them about the options. Although I always voted and so, at the very least, I gave them the foundation for doing their democratic duty.

I will vote today and it didn’t take Rick Mercer’s rant (( found here at this link)) Rick’s Vote Rant or Marg and her antics found here Marg and her opinions. There has also been a lot of media attention about first time voters and what it means to them to be able to vote.

Now having said all that about voting I will say two more things and it won’t be which colour shirt I’ll be sporting.

Not a single local candidate gave us any kind of information. In the day and age of instant communication we never got a flyer, an email, an invitation to a town hall or an actual knock on be door. What we did get was someone from our previously recycled conservative candidate’s office calling to speak to Ron. Now he wasn’t home and the first time the female caller declined to speak with me at all because my name wasn’t on her paper. The second time the male caller would have declined again to speak to me but I pushed my way into a conversation. I chatted with friends and colleagues who live in the city and only a few have had door to door contact. It really seems like locally, at least right here, that the local riding is less important that the national leader. It feels like our concerns don’t matter but that won’t stop me from engaging in my civic right.

The second item is that the elections canada website is not very user friendly, or at least for those of us with a rural address. We are computer literate in our household and it took three attempts because the first two times it wouldn’t recognize our address. If you struggled at the computer you would have given up and probably not have used the 800 number or gone down to the office.

So #ELXN42 I cast my vote. And no — I still won’t say!


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