Fall Finish

We have put the wall to bed, so to speak. The head stone mason called it a year and as much as I wanted to finish I understood his reasoning. So the tools are in the garage, the rocks are piled and ready for a start and the scaffolding is down, which is nice because it means one can get a good picture of the progress.

It was a crazy amount of work but man it does look good!

We have used the skid steer one last time to do most of the backfilling so it’s nice to have the blue skin out of sight after all these years. We certainly aren’t finished with this area but at least it is now easier to access although it will be pretty muddy when liquid falls from the sky.

The back side covered up, so to speak. Now you can see where the landing will come out of that door and how there will be steps down the backside.

Now we’ve moved our attention on to other activities; some annual type ones and some projects. We have mowed, watered, removed dead evergreens and planted a few new to us ones and cleaned up and tilled the garden. I spent the day today tilling around the hedge and getting a handle on the raspberry patch as well. Ron has the tractor already backed into the garage and is ready to hook up to the snow blower but we are hoping for more good days.

That’s because we are starting the foundation for the second retaining wall despite the fact that weather has dictated an end to the masonry stage of wall one. We know where this wall is going but unfortunately it had a crazy big wood pile right there so that was the first order of business. Yes one more time let’s move that old wood again — insert heavy sigh here. This time we put it onto pallets so he can move them around the area a bit with the bobcat. Or so he believes but we shall see how well that works. We had a fire in the culvert barrel for two afternoons burning odds and sods. Funny how well Spencer’s accidental hit of the septic tank culvert and lid worked out in the long run. We had to put in a new one and ended up using this one as a fire barrel; ultimately Ron will cut it in half and it will become our fire pit in the custom designed fire pit/pizza oven area but that’s pretty long term. In the short term the area is now clean and ready for the base gravel, compaction, forms, rebar and then concrete. All, we hope, before the white stuff falls from the sky.

I believe this was one of those cases where a before and after photo were needed. Just trust me that this is a lot neater now. The rock pile is for next year and is from the back fill from the other side. No shortage of building materials.

We’ve been enjoying second summer so much: no wasps or mosquitos and such a lovely warmth. The light in the fall afternoons is so spectacular — a deep mellow shade that makes you want to hold on to the day but alas sunset happens so early. It makes for very little outside work time but I still have time to take the dogs for a daily walk. I’ve had a decent run of  photos capturing it but I think these next two really show that special light well.

The old wagon with the clematis growing up the trellis. the house is in the background. There are no filters and no special effects -- just a raw image. I love how rich the light makes everything look.
The old wagon with the clematis growing up the trellis. the house is in the background. There are no filters and no special effects — just a raw image. I love how rich the light makes everything look.
The light makes the rock colours just so intense. Last year’s project looks so at one with the area now that the grass has grown back down below. Still loving the steps out towards the walk path and the “lunch” bench on either side.

It’s been quite some time since a blog post updated our house progress so I’m pleased to finally have prepared that. I’ve had several technological issues with blogging this entry though and won’t bore you with the details but I sure hope that the pictures actually show up. It has crashed on me several times over the course of 3 days so I really hope I can hit post and it will stay there.


One thought on “Fall Finish

  1. Janice October 18, 2015 / 6:41 pm

    The colour is so intense on those last two stunning pictures! GREAT JOB!

    You are keeping us in suspense about your projects for the fall/winter – I am sure one of them includes some quilt time?


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