The stars were aligned right for an unusually early city departure on Wednesday afternoon. I took advantage of that time to treat the dogs and I to a great walk.   One of my favourite views with the fence and trees. You can see the fence significantly more this year as the cattle are enjoying the grass.   Such a lovely afternoon late in the fall. The sky is so blue and the colours so vivid everywhere you look.  It has been incredibly warm this week which is such a treat. It was so nice that Lucky decided a swim was even in order!  The dogs and the cattle have finally come to a truce although it is occasionally tested. These young yearlings are very curious and the three of us wander amongst them with no issues. There are still a few cows that are quite leery and if we are between them and their calf then I have to get between them and the dogs. The bull doesn’t really seem to even raise his head when we are around but I take notice of where he is.  The cats, on the other hand, are only seen on the other side of the fence when the cattle are a significant distance away. Both Cleo and Tigger joined me as we got near the big pond.

I’m learning to live with the cow pies on the trails in exchange for new trails and much easier walking. Cows don’t lift their feet so mole hills and small bushes just get trampled which is ok with me. I was quite shocked though to see our pond bench turned upside down! I’m not sure how they managed that but at least they trampled some of the bushes that were obscuring the area!   This is the lowest our water levels have been since we bought the land in ’06. The dogs swam but then needed a leg wash after as the outer edges are pretty gross. If we had a dock it would be so much easier for people.  Prior to the walk I winterized some  flowers and found this little daisy still blooming away which made me happy. So far all the plants look healthy but we shall see in spring.

The weather, fall colours and the walk were very restorative to me. I had come home feeling a bit depleted and with my to do list overflowing. The walk and 15 mins of watching and listening to the migrating geese (sorry, the video won’t upload) were so restorative to my soul. It’s taken me 3 days to blog about it but the effects of it (and today) are still felt.


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