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I have watched the momentum build and have felt passionately that I wanted to add my thoughts and opinions to the debate. I am talking about the recent controversy around the Miss America contestant Kelly Johnson and her talent show entry.

If you have a)been hiding under a rock, b)no access to the outside world and social media or c)consumed by some internal crisis you may have missed this current event. I watched the original episode on Facebook and felt a great deal of pride at her public speaking ability about a subject so intense and emotional. I felt it took a great deal of courage to forgo the traditional format and step forward showcasing her professional talents. It took the usual format and brought it up a level in my opinion — forgoing the usual “world peace” format.

She didn’t win but perhaps that wasn’t all that important. What transpired next still boggles my mind. A show called “The View” which I have never seen and had not concept about made degrading and negative comments about her monologue. Like really clueless comments like “why is she wearing a Doctor’s stethoscope” and her costume was unflattering and it went on. The backlash was immediate and intense and is still swirling around on social media. If you hit the hashtag “nursesunite” or #‎Showmeyourstethoscope‬. People starting sharing posts on my Facebook page and on my Twitter account. I started looking at some amazingly articulate posts on line; Facebook and in the Blog world. There became a groundswell of support across the world. I say world because a young Aussie friend nurse also posted and commented about it and stated that they had pissed off the wrong group. It seems that their hastily spoken unthought out words had created an intensely passionate support for what nurses really do and what we bring to our patients. The support has been coming from patients, families and our colleagues.There have been countless doctor posts in a various number of formats.

By this point in time, the producers at least, realized the need for an apology. Unfortunately the hosts apologies ranged from the “I wasn’t paying attention to what I said” to “we respect nurses, we adore nurses” which rang so fake. They have had two major advertisers pull out; Johnson and Johnson and Bestland Eggs. I have never seen the show so I can’t speak from personal experience but apparently there is a lot of mean comments and guests aren’t even allowed to speak their opinions. I often wonder who watches drivel like this and how they even get enough ratings to stay on the air.

Every blog or article that I have read has made my heart swell and my passion for my profession has made me realize that I want to speak out. I read a response last night that was so articulate and so witty that I know I can’t top it. I have re blogged it as I couldn’t figure out how to link it to here (which always frustrates me).

I have already spoken from my heart about what I do and the challenges we face daily as we try, always, to give the patients the best care possible. My post  in December called Rant was well received and had more comments than any other post I have done. I just know that every day I give my best to every patient despite. And that despite can be encompass a huge amount of factors which can be patient related, equipment, environmental or personnel related. I am an operating room nurse so at the end of one patients care we then hustle to get ready for the next patient and it goes onward. I would be hard pressed to give you a “Joe’s name” but I often remember the stories of why they are in our care. In all the time they are in our care I am ensuring that the sterile field stays sterile, the equipment necessary is on hand and in working order. All this while wearing a lead apron, a mask, gown and gloves for hours on end at times. Operating room nurses have a great bladder capacity because we never know when our next break will come. Lunch time comes and goes but we are still busy with a complex case. That’s the life of an Operating room nurse and I won’t change it for anything. I feel like I have not articulated the scope of the life of an Operating room nurse but perhaps my passion shows.

I don’t use a stethoscope regularly but it doesn’t make me any less of a nurse as there are so many facets to being a nurse. But the number one “rule” of every nurse is that we PUT THE PATIENTS FIRST.


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