Building Momentum 

Yesterday was the beginning of a shared journey I will make with a team of colleagues. In 5 months we will spend a week in Port au Prince Haiti as volunteers. We attended Grand Rounds yesterday which gave us a refresher on Haiti the country plus photos of the aftermath of the earth quakes that most people provably never see. Then we saw the difference a surgical team can make in the lives of ordinary Haitians. That’s why we want to go.

We then hosted Dr. Andrew Furrey and the Saskatoon Team Broken Earth for supper at our house. That big kick ass table comes in handy when feeding 20 people. There were a couple of interested extras but for the most part our team is set. We do lack a plastic surgeon and another ER doc but we are working on getting up the strength there.

Andrew gave us the low down details and covered a lot of logistics last night. He told us straight up about the paper work and the potential health risks. He laid out all details about the accommodations, food, currency, language, security and equipment. There were questions but it was a lot of information to absorb.

We have a financial committment  as a team that we need to meet. I enthusiastically signed up to head the fundraising team and I know I will have a willing partner with Aimy. We are already starting to throw around ideas. The awesome thing is that Team Broken Earth has a wonderful foundation for us to work with and that they have Canadian Charitable Status so everyone can be issued a tax receipt.

At this moment the lost war in Syria and the drowning death of the two young boys has the world attention. There are desperate people all over the world and the poor country of Haiti, hit by a devastating earthquake, is still struggling. I recognize that one week of quality health care won’t really change the culture there but perhaps we can change the quality of a small group of recipients.

Stay tuned during the next 5 months for what Team Broken Earth Saskatoon is up to.


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