Rock Walk

This title is one letter off from a title I have used before but a long ways from it in the context of what we did with the rocks.

Despite the weather forecast we braved the mountains for a second hike. The first was all about old growth forest and dense undergrowth. The second hike was all about the rocks and the  vistas. In fact the rocks occasionally obliterated the trail as they were the trail.  

We started low at a creek bed full of such beautiful shapes, sizes and colours of rock that it was hard to pay attention to where to put your feet. The glacial green was particularly arresting.   This is the view of the first lake in the Silver Spring Lake trail. We are standing on a jumping off spot. Dressed in pants, jackets and hiking boots this didn’t seem all that appetizing but on a hot summer day I could see the allure. On our way back, in a drizzle of rain, a young couple arrived to do the jump.   

The trail went through a lovely wooded area. I kept a look out for mountain flowers but ironically the only flower I saw was a purple aster that is also common on the prairie. I did note that it was significantly smaller. Then I started noting these lovely red patches and had to stop and investigate. It was holly and I was quite surprised as I hadn’t realized it turned an autumn colour. Decades ago we lived in Vancouver and it never changed colours.

We spent quite a bit of the hike actually walking on and through rocks. Little ones, medium ones and then some pretty huge ones. The scree rock was of a significant size and totally miss covered so the slid that laid it there happened a long time ago.  

Often when we are skiing or hiking I wonder about how the First Nations found their way through and around the mountains without modern tools like a compass. The early explorers were also brave souls setting off into the unknown. I know, without any doubt, that being lost in a mountain world would be extremely difficult for me. I feel vaguely claustrophobic whenever I am surrounded by mountains. True prairie girl at heart. I always seem to know what way I’m facing on the prairies even on a cloudy day but in the mountains I usually have not a clue. Sometimes the sun helps me out but it wasn’t shining for us. We emerged at the second lake  and the cliffs by the  third Lake could be seen.  Heck even the lake bed is rocks.

 We continued to meander down towards the third lake but you could feel the weather starting to take a turn for the worse. At the third lookout I finally spotted a little alpine flower growing on a rock.

The wind picked up and there was sporadic showers so the trip back was quicker than the trip out. That and the fact that the Mayan hot chocolate at the Bean Pod in Fernie was calling my name!

There are no parallels here or deep profound thoughts. Just a post about a nice hike which has taken a long time to write because the app isn’t working well.


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