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The End

It seems rather fitting that my last post of the “year long blogging” is about the house as that’s why I started blogging in the first place. 

We have spent many more hours since our last house update just slogging away the retaining wall. I’m pleased to report that we have made some steady progress and this past weekend we actually reached final height (of 9’10”) for a small section of it! It feels like a huge accomplishment and really allows one to visual the next steps.

Back side — just about there. Note the work bench height.

Note Sunday’s work platform and the final height! This Tyndel stone will be what the deck coming from that door is built onto. Only a small portion of it will show. Eveyrthing on this back side up to about 6″ of parging will soon be covered with fill.

Weird angle – the view form above (out the red door) looking down onto the wall. The first 3′ is the finished wall that will be under the deck. This height goes across for about 5′ and then drops down.

This gives a bit better angle to see the finished aspect of it and a bit of the front of the wall

His favourite saying — when something is close — that it’s good enough for the girl he goes out with! I love how his vision can see the big picture and yet figure out the little details.

Finishing work on the front side. The rocks are much more colourful on this side and add such texture to the wall compared to the back side ugly rocks.

Trying to figure out how to cut the Tyndal stone. In the end he used the table saw.

Dessert Club crew checking out the wall. This gives a great view to really appreciate how crazy big it is! Thanks to Janice for the photo.
We, of course, wish we had made slightly more progress. The summer is winding down and we have limited day light and weekends left to finish this side but we are both committed to getting it finished. We still have to organize the railing for this side as well before we can complete it. We would also like to pour the footings for the second retaining wall but that just might have to wait for spring. There is not enough day light to work on week day evenings and we have yard work that needs to be done then.

The fence line view at sunset. The bright silver of the barbed wire will fade with time and exposure. The fence posts will darken with age.
I am at peace with the fence line. It really does just define the inner yard with the hay field on one side of the house and the pasture now on the other side. Ron worked on a temporary gate tonight and our rancher was back to finish this section of barbed wire. I think my friend Janice was right when she said it was just another spot for wonderful sunset photos. I popped out and took this one despite being bitten alive by the darn mosquitos. Then 10 minutes later when the colours changed I zipped up the road and took the one below with the wagon down in the garden area. The colours were amazing tonight.

My plan is to take a photography class this fall. I have yet to do justice to the wagon with a sunset photo but I keep trying. I love the colours here; there are no filters just the real sky.

When I first starting blogging it was always after a weekend of working on a project and I would start the post on Sunday evening but usually didn’t finish it until Monday evening for some reason. So I totally understand where the statistic that I refer to in the Feedback Giveaway comes from. Here I am a year later still working on a post about the house late at night on a Monday so I guess some things don’t change. I have learnt quite a bit about blogging, the blogging world and myself in the process. I still find it interesting that so few people comment and connect but do come to read. The giveaway that I am referring to above, entered by a simple comment on the blog telling me why you came and what made you keep coming back, will be open until the (she randomly picks a date!) September 15th so be brave and find something to say!
At this point I will just say that I will continue to blog, work on my My Focus & The Next Act. I will see you on the flip side of a year but I won’t commit to when you will see me although definitely I will post on the 15th of the month to make the draw for the giveaway. Thanks so much for coming along on my year long journey.

Take care,



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

14 thoughts on “The End

  1. Longtime reader, first time commenter. 🙂

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, and I hope you keep it up!

    You take beautiful photos, and I love reading and seeing updates about the house, as I so rarely have the opportunity to see it in person. I also like the connection it gives me to you. I know what you’re up to, what your priorities and pressures are and where you’re at.

    Love you always. Xo


  2. Enjoyed your advice-you could probably get a job in a magazine giving suggestions to the seeking souls who write in. And you are quite the photographer- especially enjoyed your mountain pics.
    Job well done Bernie. ❤


  3. See I am not MIA!!! I have loved your blog as well since I cannot get out there enough to help!! I know…Rome wasn’t built in a day. I too have been trying to take a photography class but never seemed to get the time to fit it in…maybe we could go together!


    1. That sounds like a great idea — I will forward you the info about the class I was looking at. And you are just in time to be entered into the giveaway!! Glad you are back.


  4. Bernie, you and Ron amaze me! Each step of the way there are a million places where I would given up or changed directions but you have stayed true to your course and done it together!! A testament to your friendship and marriage. Your house is lovely, made more so by all the little details and the labour of love.


    1. Elly,
      Thanks for stopping by with an encouraging comment. I guess giving up isn’t in our vocabulary although someday I guess we will have to slow down. We do have a great partnership and are lucky to share the same passions. You’ll have to come for a tour sometime.


  5. You have both done a fantastic job of your new/old home and yard. Keep up the good work! Thanks for being a really GREAT cousin.


    1. Thanks Helen and Lorne for leaving a comment about our projects. You two have been very supportive and indeed we are still using and appreciating the “loan” of the work mate!!


  6. I keep coming back to see if my name is in your blog!


    I enjoy your comments and photos of the progress on the house, as we are not able to get out as often as we would like! Your pictures of flowers, trees, fences and dogs are always so wonderful. I have kept many of them for my mother’s yearly calendar so that she can enjoy the fabulous colours of the prairies anytime she wants.

    I also keep coming back because you are an important person in my life – and it is supportive and entertaining for me to keep up with your thoughts!

    Thank you for these past 365 days …………. I look forward to many more!


    1. Janice — that’s pretty funny considering your name was in that blog post as the photographer!! I’m glad you followed the blog and I really appreciate your support of my photos. I am definitely going to do the photography class as I have a keen interest in this area.
      I am glad you are able to come visit; we always enjoy having you out for supper and the evening. Can you believe I started that crazy 365 journey a year ago — I am going to miss it but it will also free up some time to focus on other areas in my life and actually, perhaps, provide a bit more balance.


    1. Carol,
      My Mom is really looking forward to the verandah as well. I am looking forward to sitting on it but perhaps not the 2 major projects (second retaining wall and then the verandah/balcony) to get to that stage. It does keep me fit and moving though so that’s a plus.
      Thanks for stopping in to visit the blog — stop in any time for a real visit.


  7. I love reading your blogs….and everytime I see the pictures you post, I want to come visit! I love seeing the pictures of uncle Ron, he looks more and more like the grandpa I remember everyday. One day I will get there…perhaps in the Spring 🙂


    1. I can’t wait for you to come visit!! We would love to have you any time.
      I’m glad my pictures of your Uncle make you happy. He’s a pretty darn fine man — just like your dad and your grandpa.
      I’m glad you always stopped in to read the blog and that you enjoyed them. Any special requests if you win the giveaway?


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