I’ve grown accustomed to the vista and it fills my soul up. I am a wide open spaces prairie girl. The years in Vancouver proved that. Heck even a trip to ski in the mountains reconfirms it.

So the question, for me, is whether or not a fence is a distraction, a boundary or just a fence. I know that, for Ron, it will just be a fence.

When the rancher started pounding holes last night I had this feeling similiar to your baby’s first hair cut. Once you start that chain of event things change: subtlety but that shift has occurred and you can’t go back. It’s not necessarily a negative but it is a change.

We had a long discussion about gate type and location, where to run the  fence and whether we should go barbed wire or wood slates for the portion around the house. Then he set out to make it so. Within a week or so we will have cattle eating the prairie grasses and trampling the weeds down.

Soon a gate and a fence will lead to shared space. There is no doubt I will adjust. I just need to spin it the right way in my head so it becomes a positive and not a distraction.


2 thoughts on “Changes 

  1. Janice August 27, 2015 / 8:54 am

    Now you will have more fence posts to take pictures of!


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