A couple of random Facebook posts made me think about what I am grateful for. One asked what’s your biggest fear was. The other was a complaint about the way things are. It lead me to thinking and then I saw this Charlie Brown poster and knew what today’s post was. I was also inspired by our supper – garden produce and local beef.  
There is a huge list of things I would include. So huge I’d be here typing away when I should be sleeping. Then I’d be wondering I missed something or someone. 

I’m grateful that I’m living a full productive life. I am grateful I became a nurse and that my path took me to the operating room where I try to make a difference one patient at a time. I am grateful to have so many wonderful family and friends around me — near and far. 

I am grateful and blessed that I’ve spent over 35 years with a wonderful man who is the prototype for the Renaissance man — he really can do it all. We raised two children and we are grateful and happy that they cheerfully come here to visit and include us in their adult lives. We are grateful for the time we’ve spent with our parents and now our mothers.

See I knew I could go on and on! I’m full of gratitude that my life is rich enough and full of hard work and blessings so that I can feel this enriched. Surrounded by nature and living in our dream home is the icing on the cake.


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