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My Focus 

A night “on the town” had me thinking about doing a post about loud music, sore throats from yelling, varicose veins and generally how the body does start to deteriorate a bit as we age. But that’s not the post I’m doing as I decided that I could find a story I would rather share.

The incessant wind and intermittent sun made it feel like October and not August as we worked away on the wall yesterday. You can’t control the weather and I tried not to whine about it too much but truthfully I would much rather have gone inside and read a book or baked or gone up to the attic to be creative. I stick it out because two people make twice the progress of one and I’m bound and determined we are finishing this side this year.

8′ 4″ to the top at this point. This is “his” side — all pretty rocks and nicely finished.
Although it is the same height as the first 3 feet are now foundation and hidden under the concrete. It is “my” side as the rocks are the uglies and the finish is just good enough to be coated with dirt.

Keeping warm yesterday was an issue so we had comfort soup for lunch. While inside doing laundry between mortar mixes I also did a little scotch straight up. It works although I’m not a big fan of how it burns but I am slowly warming up to the taste. We pushed through and once the rocks were replenished for today and Ron was doing finishing work I took the dogs for a walk.

The scene on the way out was one of sow thistle and Canadian thistle which I find distasteful. If I could link I would refer you to the post that talked about good stewardship of the land but I don’t want to digress here. ~~~~~~ Holy smokes!! I think I just added a link to the previous post!!

I decided that I would dig deep in myself and not let those colours of weeds annoy my walk. So I focused on finding other purple and yellow flowers to enjoy. The fencing will start soon for the cattle that will share our space for the next three years and I feel like the flowers may be impacted so I am really focusing on enjoying their colours and textures this year.

My focus on finding the positives certainly helped as did the fact that the sun came out for a few minutes which really does warm you up. The dogs enjoyed the time and I got some good photos of them. My phone is full again so it is time to dump some photos but I love having it handy to capture these moments that I treasure. Smelling the roses so to speak. Sitting and resting isn’t my version of smelling the roses as being fully engaged and productive fills my soul up.  So I hope you enjoy my Saturday snap shots on your Sunday.

If life hands you lemons forget the lemonade. Go inside, find some eggs and flour and make a pound cake!




I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

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