Finish Strong 

It was during the end of my nemesis portion that the tall woman finally caught me. Her words still resonate in my ears “finish strong” she said. This was 2005 at World Masters Games in Edmonton. Our swim times had jived quite well but my transition time was significantly faster than hers. I came in a bit earlier on the bike and blew out of there in seconds. Her long legs and superior running skills caught me with a less than a km to go. Her words pushed me forward and the last 100m was like a soccer sprint to try and catch her. I didn’t quite make it but her words have stuck with me. 0507230017

Now I bring this up now because the days, alas, are getting shorter but I have lost my momentum. The plan was to blog daily but summer  evenings are full to the brim and so I let myself off the hook. Now really I should be able to blog every day from now until September first but I’ve already moved on in my head but you can see the difference it makes in whether or not people read what I write.

I find this happens to me often. Towards the end of a project my brain is moving onward. The fact that I am stubborn and insist on finishing items is what gets them done. Inside I’m like “squirrel” and my thoughts are off in ten directions but I keep at the task because finishing the project and crossing it off the “to do list” plays a big role in my internal make up.

I am an odd duck out when it comes to quilting with both my “stash” and my projects. My excess material is very limited and my projects rarely overlap but I do know that by the time I am sewing on the binding I am chomping at the bit to start a new one. I leave the creative space totally clean in the late spring though and never walk back up until the weather has turned in the fall. I always try to have a boy and a girl quilt on hand in case someone has a baby and I need a gift. I also have a list of projects waiting to go but I try hard not to get ahead of myself.

March 2013 022

One area where I regularly  fail is in the finishing aspect when it comes to sustaining weight loss and actually hitting my targeted goal. I start out strong and think “I can do this” and then something comes up that involves good food and beer. Then I slack off a little in keeping track and then I quit exercising for a couple of days and then I …… You see how it goes and then before long the weight has crept back on. I am then required to get super annoyed with myself and start the process all over again. I have read literature that talks about the yoyo affect and how it isn’t good for us but someone I don’t want to permanently accept these 20 lbs as it could easily become 40 if I don’t keep at it and then 80. People always think it couldn’t happen to me because I am too active but the truth is I could be super heavy in 6 months if I stopped trying to make the right choices. So I keep trying and perhaps I will quit the “squirrel” over the beer or chocolate one of these days or perhaps I will up the exercise quota enough that I can have whatever but I am pretty sure that all of those thoughts are delusional.

Now I need to go finish out the weekend strong and be prepared for tomorrow so it is adios for now.


3 thoughts on “Finish Strong 

  1. Thelma Dunn August 17, 2015 / 9:27 am

    I should leave a reply more often just to tell you how proud I am of you and all you accomplish altho sometimes you get a lot going at once – makes me tired juat reading it Love MOM


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