Country Road Take Me Home

I love to travel and explore, in this case 5 days at the lake for R & R. There is, though, a special feeling when you get home. The house is all stale, hot and quiet before the key turns. Then it comes to life as the bags pour in and the washing machine starts to hum.

We have a system where we divide and conquer. He transports everything to the door and I scurry to keep up with putting it all away. When the children were little we billed it as “the Olympics” and they traipsed bags in at full speed which earned them medals.

My absolute favourite re entry quirk is that first full glass of ice cold water from the fridge. Once the unpacking has been completed and everything sorted and organized that liquid will often turn to a nice cold beer. It’s kind of our reward for a job well done and a way to relax after the “busy “of getting home and settled.  Other comforts of home that call to us upon our return , if it’s a late night arrival, are our own bed and shower. We often have a light meal, comfort food from my past, of creamed salmon on toast.

In the city we always had a ton of mail waiting on the counter but now that we live in the country our mail awaits us at the post office. In the summer the lawn and the flowers require attention while in the winter it’s often the sidewalks. All the items that we have escaped from now require our attention again.

We are left with memories of a trip and rejuvenated by the break from routine. At the same time the ebb and flow of our regular daily lives calls to us again.



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