Design time 

During the rain delay day Ron and I did a bit of exciting research and some foot work for the next phase of the rock retaining wall.

For starters Ron took measurements and then did a drawing of the retaining wall railing and steps.   Now I must admit I wish he would have drawn this about 3 months ago! He kept explaining it but I am a visual learner and couldn’t really see the whole concept. This negates the fear that the grandchildren (the theoretical ones that is)will jump off the stone wall. I knew there would be stairs but now I find out that there will also be a railing. We are trying to source a manufacturer for this but that means we need to know what we want.

  So as I prepared home made tomato soup for lunch (rainy day favourite lunch) Ron uses the Internet to pull up a million photos of wrought iron railings. I then pulled out all our Saskatchewan heritage books and tried to find a railing of that circa. Then I turned to Goggle and tried a search with the circa and wrought iron railing together. That sent me on a a few interesting side trips but didn’t net any real tidbits.

Now it gets a little more complex as we plan ahead to the other retaining wall which then leads to the verandah and the balcony. We have decided that the balcony will have a wrought iron railing versus a wooden railing. This is reminiscent of the widows peaks that were always wrought iron and keep it a bit less clunky up there so as not to obstruct the views or the lighting in the master suite.

This lead Ron to design the railing for the verandah at the same time so that we can tie some elements together and ensure continuity. Our first stop send us elsewhere and eventually we landed at a local company that makes the railings.  It turns out that, if you can pay, they can build anything. The table and chairs in the foyer were crazy elaborate Italian Renaissance era.

  All of this just leaves more questions than answers of course like what exactly do we want for the middle motif. We tried to think of something that was symbolic of an Eaton’s house. Ron came up with the wheat sheaf but I wondered about a maple leaf. There are also options for finishes and I am firmly voting for a deep red like the siding. Ron wants traditional black. We both wondered about the gold fleck that the radiators are but I’m not sure that it ties in well with the exterior colours. I think I should win because I’ve been a great sport about building a 10 foot tall rock wall when really I just wanted to do something way easier.

What colour do you think?


PS even though I wanted something easier I love how this looks and so close to the finish line I’m all gung ho about pushing forward.

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