Chose your focus

Consider for a minute your daily commute. Do you just see the traffic and the roads or can you spare a moment to focus on the colour of the sky or how amazing that building is or what a great car is in front of you. We do so many things routinely and perhaps that is why we can fail to notice the blessings of each day. My young American cousin, who now lives in England (reverse immigration), posts daily commute photos. I also do but I’m pretty fortunate that after 5 lights we are out on the highway and focusing on the wide open spaces. My daily walk from work to the carpool parking lot is across an incredible campus and I truly stop and appreciate the views regularly. I don’t think it should matter where  you are though — if you are fortunate enough to be able to read and have access to a computer then that means that you are blessed.

I took a road trip today to see my mother and brother so spent lots of time thinking in the vehicle as I drove along. It is a road that is very familiar to me and so it could be easy to ignore what I see.  I tried to focus, besides just on the road, on the changes in the contours, colours and textures. I saw a land of living skies sunset but before that appreciated the blue skies and empty roads. I’m fortunate to spend time with these two special people in my life and so it’s worth the road trip every few weeks.



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