Over My Head 

It has been well over a month since I have given an update on the rock wall progress. So perhaps you are wondering if we got lost or ran out of steam or rocks. The answer is we are still here plugging away at it.

Rest assured that when I retire I will not become a stone mason. Perhaps a painter but definitely not a mason. Once the twin wall is done he is on his own for any other hair brained rock based ideas like entrance pillars or the front of the verandah. All because it’s a free building material and he likes it. Did I mention that the other wall is going to have a waterfall??

Now before it seems like I’m anti masonry work there is a list of things I like about it.

  • The outside “office” and the view
  • The physical activity — my core; indeed my whole body hasn’t been this strong since I was 18 and living on the farm
  • Working with Ron
  • Having the dogs near me all day long — when we did the siding they were always on the ground and missing me
  • So much sunshine time
  • The challenge of finding the perfect rock for the front or the best rock fit for the inside
  • The organizational aspect of building materials (aka a million rocks of various sizes plus mortar supplies) and making it as efficient as possible




The gravel covered with fill and compacted. From 3′ of wall showing to 1″ so now we have a staging and work area for working on the wall.
Picking up the angled corner stone. Smoothly and carefully listed into place and then twisted to face the correct spot by me. Ron then lowered it down and I took off the rope. It worked quite slick actually.







The dog toy is sitting on the wall — you can see the foundation level on the right. That’s the total height for it.
The corner stone in place. The ledge in front of it will tie into the outdoor kitchen wall.
The corner stone in place. The ledge in front of it will tie into the outdoor kitchen wall.

I have felt like a novice blogger in the last 5 days that I have been working on this blog post. I have lost the entire thing once, lost 75% of the text once (and I never put it back) and have fought with almost every bloody picture. It is going to “publish” tonight even though I am a bit unhappy with the format as I grow weary of working on it. More weary than I am off the rock work which is saying something. We start holidays next weekend and so the push will be on to work long hard days before our annual R and R at the lake so stay tuned for one more update this month.


It’s now over my head — in terms of height

Love the colours and textures in the wall

2 thoughts on “Over My Head 

  1. Janice July 19, 2015 / 3:11 pm

    Hummmmm ….. a waterfall cascading into a crystal clear pond with heated rocks to rest your weary (but sculptured!) body on at the end of the day! Was he going to put speakers in the wall too so that you can listen to soothing sounds as you relax? I can see it – that man of yours is just looking after you the best that he can! You are so lucky! (LOVE the wall – you two are doing a fabulous job and should be congratulated!)


    • bernielynne July 19, 2015 / 11:23 pm

      You are too funny! Looking after me 😂😂 — he’s a slave driver!! But yes long term there will be a hot water restorative spot for old bodies to relax in. That’s what I’m working hard towards.


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