ode du summer 


I’ve struggled with technical issues for the last two days and so haven’t been able to do a post until I could settle at a computer. It has finally worked out for me to find/make that time.

I’ve just come in from an excellent hour spent weeding and I am very pleased with my progress. The tiller has made a huge difference in keeping those pesky weeds somewhat under control so the desired vegetables can grow. As I was working in the garden I listened to the sounds of the tractor and baler working around the field. We have spent the week hearing and smelling the field being cut. The weather has been extremely hot and dry so we are pleased to actually have a fairly decent stand. 


Alfalfa fragrance

It’s like the ode du summer

I so love that smell

There definitely was a seasonal aspect to my year long haiku and once again I found a couple of ones to go with the topic tonight. I grew up on a farm and yet I often find myself wishing that I knew more about modern farming. I now that the rate of breakdown seems high and the threat of rain looms large when the hay is cut. I remember how devastated my parents were when the rain didn’t arrive or the hail hit a good looking crop and I am glad that my living is not tied to the hay crop.IMG_5035

The sounds of farming

Surround our dwelling space

 Bounty of the earth

Our garden harvest is definitely going to be smaller this year, that’s for sure. We are now able to water and do so about every 10 days but that isn’t really enough. The peas, carrots and beets finally came up after taking over a month to germinate. If it stays nice until November we will have carrots and beets but perhaps might actually harvest some peas in late August if they continue to grow at the rate they are progressing at. The newly transplanted raspberries did not survive but last year’s canes are doing quite well.

Dirty gardening

Dirt under nails, between toes

Bliss of a shower

With the shower comes some slumber time; once the Riders lose their game that is. Alas another one given away. 


One thought on “ode du summer 

  1. Alma Dirpaul July 11, 2015 / 11:29 am

    The smell of freshly mowed alfalfa brings back good memories for me too.


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