Rider Nation 

No year of blogging would be complete, here in the land of green and white without a post about Rider Nation.

There is  interesting statistics about CFL merchandise sold, fan base stats for away and home games and the financial papers to prove that Saskatchewan made the Riders work here. Decades ago people bought in and still fill the stadium.

And what a place it is right now. The new big shiny one is being built to the west but for now Mosaic Stadium, with its wonky announcer system and shambles parking is still home to fans that bleed green and are proud of it. To football players who recognize what this fan base gives to them as players and as a team. Ah yes the famous 13th man that the fan base is. But alas the 13th man who cost us a Grey Cup. But never mind that, we say, there is always next year. Hopeful people we all are.

Great pretzel — not so great beer


No selfie is a good one but we were all smiling


There are always highs and lows to each game and today it was the penalties and the interception throw



Not that we are counting but that’s 4 times !!

It really is a sea of green and white!


Yep — its a watermellon with asparagus tips! its amazing what fans wear.

It’s always worth the trip to spend an afternoon watching football and fans. Today we took that trip with friends and so also enjoyed good conversation and supper out which was a nice end to our week. The weather was totally perfect  with no smoke and sunshine but not too hot.

It was an exciting game that had us standing and shouting, mostly at the officials. It was a tough loss but there is always next game!!


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