Technology just keeps changing and it’s a challenge to keep up. I remember sending my first texts to our children and they asked who taught me. I can’t say that I am always self taught but I try hard to catch on and catch up.

Which brings me up to the missing days and no blogs. WordPress changed the app and somehow it kicked me out but still let me in. I know that doesn’t make any sense but I was inside the app but it wouldn’t let me save anything.

The smokey view by the big pond.
The smokey view by the big pond.

So now I’m doing a test post — there really isn’t any content other than the ramblings about how technology changes and can be frustrating so it’s a good thing I’ve already had some positives in my day.


I’ve now spent 10 minutes trying to put that picture down here instead of in the middle of a paragraph. I finally gave up and moved the rest of the paragraph.  Patience Bernie patience! 😜

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