There is a weird connect to winter going on in my head. The smoke hazed air seems like fog on a cold winter’s day. The darkness when it should be light again has shades of winter roaming in my head.  We are currently experiencing quite severe smoke hanging over most of the province from fires up north. This is a fairly regular occurrence here in the summer but it is particularly bad this year. It rolled in a couple of days ago and has stuck around although it is certainly not as severe as it was the first day.


It has made for some strange connections to winter for me, in part because of the darkness. With the sun blocked out it becomes very difficult to tell the time and I am not the one only to comment on that. At 5 am it looks the same out as it does at 5 pm. It is so incredibly dark at night and at this time of year it is rarely ever dark here. This reminded me of a spring time episode where the temperature was unseasonably cold, even for Saskatchewan, and a haiku I did last year that stemmed from that.

A disconnection

Of daylight to temperature

Eh – polar vortex




This post is now two days over due and it has been due to technical issues not a time element. I had the post written in my head while out picking saskatoons early in the am. I tried four separate times to post it via my phone with absolutely no luck as the program kept crashing. The day ended without success and this has been the first attempt again but now I am using my laptop tonight. There was more to the original post in my head but that’s all that is going to be written tonight.

This has resulted in the fact that I didn’t do a Canada Day post for Canada Day, which kind of makes me sad. I don’t usually preplan too many of my posts but I have a couple of really cool pictures and I was going to talk about how I love being Canadian and all the reasons why. Oh well — next year.


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