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Tuesday’s Ten

1. Drought versus monsoon

  • Nobody is a winner but at least our hay is cut and baled

2. Rainy day project versus a book.

  • Even on holidays I know which will win out because that’s the way I roll


3. Solar powered brain

  • Ireland is not an option except for a visit 

4. Baking versus projects

  • well seems the grand puppy ate half the baking last night I guess I should replace it

5. Sleeping in on a rain day

  • guilt free as long as it doesn’t affect my occasional insomnia 

6. Tuesday’s Ten

  • Not as easy a concept as it seems because I over analysis everything!

7. Holidays versus work

  • I miss my colleagues but I could easily retire and be content

8. Dog walking on rainy days

  • Makes you question your sanity especially when you add the grand puppy in the mix who has to go out more often

9. Home made tomato soup for lunch

  • Funny how we eat certain things in certain seasons — lunch in the summer is never soup but it will be today

10. Blog post done early

  • Saw this concept this morning on a blog that I follow and thought I would try it. I would post the link but it is the one thing I am still struggling with although I think I just figured out how to link to my own previous posts so will insert another list here 12 x 10
    • (not the real link — why can I not master this?)


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Arg – 😜

I’ve spent the better part of 3 hours over 3 different occasions trying to do a blog post about our project. That is NOT what you are going to see and read tonight. I did find that you can restore a saved blog post on the real computer but unfortunately it was not the latest version as most of the text was gone. Now today (x 2) I have been unable to upload photos off of my iPhone.

I gave up on it for tonight and decided to do this post. It’s actually not a rant, although perhaps it sounds that way, but rather a test to see if a new post would upload photos which apparently it will do. Go figure!!😝

 Enjoy the photos of our evening walk. The sunset was spectacular!! 



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Bernie and Ron’s Saskatoon Dragon Boat Fundraiser

Bernie Cruikshank’s Personal Page for FMG’S Saskatoon Dragon Boat Festival – 2015.

Ron and I joined The Smooth Operators Dragon Boat team and are raising funds for Heart and Stroke research. Every year these health issues affect many and this is a chance to support our team and the research and education that this organization does. It is super simple — just follow the link above and it will take you directly to the page which will have a donation button. You can also contact me if you would like to donate and don’t want to do it on line. OR you could come out and buy some great home baking this Saturday at Lawson Heights Mall (starting at 11:00) to help support our cause.

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Idle Time 

It almost seems laughable that today’s topic is idle time when I had none of that yesterday. A full day of construction which was preceded by picking and processing saskatoons. After that a social outing with friends and the day is full but satisfying.   

Contrast that to an hour and a half on Thursday when I was completely idle. Like completely. My cell phone was dead and I had forgotten my charger. I had also forgotten my vehicle keys so couldn’t do the usual after work tasks as Ron was in a meeting. I didn’t even have a pen so I could make a list. So I found a chunk of grass with a bit of shade and relaxed. 

Now relaxing your body is a lot easier than relaxing your mind. At a retreat  recently we did nothing yoga. I know that might seem a bit odd because yoga is about stretching. But between the first Namesti and the final Namesti we did absolutely nothing as the workshop was called “Breaking Busy”. First we relaxed our bodies and then we worked to relax our minds. That is actually way harder than it looks or sounds. 

Now Thursday was kind of hot day that we rarely get here on the prairies. And as I lay there in the sun trying to empty out my mind I had a cat nap. Which I guess is the ultimate relaxation. But really that was just a result of the heat, a poor night sleep and a physically draining day. Once I awoke I spent some time sifting out and quieting my mind. I was not far from the parking lot and pathway and door to the building so there was lots of outside stimulation. The rosebushes smelled good and freshly watered lawn felt cool. My eyes were almost fried from the intensity of the sun I kept them closed. 

It was, and always is, more difficult to relax your mind than your body. I can breath my body to relaxation while my mind still races. That is how Thursday’s time turned out as well; partially because I had to be somewhere at 5:45 and I had a)no keys and b)no time telling mechanism and c)no way to contact my man after 5:00 so it niggles in the back of my mind. I did achieve a •whatever will be will be kind of feeling place• if that even makes an sense to anyone but me. 

I will try again this summer, while at the lake on holidays, to quiet my mind. Till then I had better keep my body and mind in gear. 


The final irony is that it took me 3 days to make this post about being idle! 

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I have come to the conclusion that blogging daily requires more time and commitment than I have. It seemed relatively easy in the winter at the end of the day to sit down and write. It is entirely a different story in the spring and summer when the days are long and the outside calls me. I have the capability of blogging outside on my back steps but it’s the time element that is shutting me down right now. The evenings are full of yard work, berry picking and garden time. When I finally walk in the door at 2215 (10:15 pm) and still have supper dishes to do and berries to clean and process it just isn’t happening. 

As it turns out I had a bout of insomnia last evening and thought about blogging then but knew that was a bad idea. Instead I enjoyed the moon, stars and the clear visibility to see town lights. After 10 days of haze it was felt good to have some night time sightings. 

I am actually writing this while on my morning break at work, sitting outside and enjoying some sunshine. Problem is I don’t have enough time to really articulate and write in 12 minutes plus snack and hydrate myself. 

So I have come to the conclusion that I will post as much as I can but it won’t come any where near daily. I had hoped to do a project update Monday evening and actually took photos with the good camera in anticipation but alas the weeds and the berries called me. I know that when my friend posted her haikus daily I always wondered if things were ok when she missed a day so I’m just kind of AWOL with just cause.