The Next Act

There are times when you can be super busy doing things but it never seems like work. Those are times when you are working with a friend and are busy talking! That was what happened at our house tonight when we spent over an hour weeding raspberries, two hours picking saskatoons and half an hour moving stones. There was a lot of discussion about many topics and still we had items we didn’t have time for. On the other hand the raspberries look amazing and the saskatoons are chilling out in the freezer. I’m confident we didn’t make a dent in the rocks to be moved, washed, moved and placed but at least I am ready for the start of tomorrow am’s pour.

One of the conversation threads has solidified what happens for me, personally, in the fall. I knew several months ago it wouldn’t involve daily blogging as it is a huge commitment. The blog will still exist but a weekly post will suffice.  I thought about making it a creative challenge and so that would involve some time in my attic everyday but quickly threw that idea out the window. I love to sew and create but decided that I really needed more balance in my life, rather appropriately given the blog’s title, than committing to that daily. So I discussed just doing an assortment of items and that is where the 10 projects in 10 months came from.

This seems like balance and fairly easily achievable. I can conceive that the biggest problem will be prioritizing and evaluating what 10 items will make the project list. What indeed makes it a project and not just an item on the “to do” list. I am pleased to have a new direction already set for the next school year that I am already sorting through ideas in my head! That in itself could be the next issue as I often am in a hurry to to finish one item so that I can move on to the next one on the list so the next two months of daily blogging will be a challenge. As previously stated it has been difficult in the spring and summer as we are outside until so late at night.

This rang true for tonight despite the smoke hanging in the air. We are firmly shrouded in forest fire smoke like the rest of the province and it seems quite strange to have all the windows in the house closed. It was a strangely dark and eerie kind of day but it had some bright rays of friendship shining through. I am lucky to have a friend that will come lend a hand like that.


3 thoughts on “The Next Act

  1. Georgina June 30, 2015 / 10:33 pm

    Was so happy to come and help! The visit was just as good for me too! Just trying to plan when to come next!


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