June’s light 

It is always hard to pick a favourite season or the best month. Unlike most folks I love January as it’s my birthday and always has lots going on. The other month that has my heart is June.

It’s all about the sunshine and there is so much of it. Sunrise and sunset aren’t very far apart here in our part of Canada. It’s barely dark now at 2300 (11 pm to the non medical in the crowd) and it’s becoming seriously light out by 0330 (that’s easy as it’s 3:30). One can enjoy the cooler morning air in full sunshine and then at the other end of the day sit and relax in the twilight for a long time.

Which is the downside to June as I never get to bed very early as it is often past bedtime when we come inside.

I actually have a couple of haikus from last year that show how June is spent. Gardening, fitness, and friends plus project time. Fills up the long days.

Late creative entry

Busy- no left over time

My bedtime attempt

Ha — turns out it was a fail as the first line is off. And the second one is also off but this time it is the second line. I also have no good photos as twilight is a tough time to get a good photo with an iPhone. The one below is from last night when we were watering trees. It was 9:30 at night and the sun was still intense.

Darkness never fell

Twilight lingered northern lights dance

The moon watched over


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