Silly Me. 

Occasionally being a goal orientated person has drawbacks. Take today for example. I spent the better part of 8 hours working on one project and at intervals would measure my progress with big yard steps. If I was just a little more laid back I would have decided after about four hours and a significant amount of back pain that I should shelve it until another day. it seemed doable so I pushed ahead after an Advil and some lunch. Then when it seemed crazy I took a break and mowed the lawn and had some Advil. I’m happy and sad to report that Ron arrived home from work when I had 5 yards left and it became beer time. But those 5 yards will eat at me till I finish the project so after supper and some Advil I went and finished it. I’m physically feeling it now after the hot water of the shower and 5 mins to sit!

It’s like the goal of daily blogging that I set for myself. It’s summer and making time seems difficult unless I stay up late or do it on a break at work but I continue.

Today’s break was taken lying on the grass looking at the clouds (with an ice pack on)!

My daily fitness goal is another one but at least it is a “healthy” goal. I set out last year to have physical activity 365 days of the year. Then I blew my ankle out in soccer and that derailed me. It took me a significant amount of time to get rehabbed and then motivated and so this January I started over again. I am pleased to say that I am going strong on that front. Today’s break was a lovely stroll with the dogs for a swim and a walk around our short loop.

I stopped to smell the roses and take photos of more flowers.

If I go away for a retreat weekend with a project goal in mind then I come home with it completed. It seems that’s the way I am wired. Makes me wonder about being retired and what goals I will set for myself.

Today’s project was prompted by the to do list and yesterday’s rototilling. The concept was to edge the circular driveway garden with rocks, of which we have many. So we did that several years ago but they have become buried, twisted and weed infested. I discovered the buried part yesterday when I was trying to till so today I set out to clean up the edge. It’s kind of an invisible job, the kind that few notice gets done. Like a doctor and their discharge summaries, cleaning the fridge or dusting. The weeds will grow back along both edges but perhaps less so because I can now till all along the inside edge and I did just that tonight. We can also get more proactive about using an anti weed agent of some kind as the driveway does get overrun with them. They were super easy to pull because of the rain so that’s a plus. I felt like an Egyptian though trying to lever some of those big suckers out of the soil. I was discouraged a couple of times but I’d go back with renewed vigour and another levering agent (like a small rock) and give it one more or ten more goes. I am extremely happy with how well it looks and I will be super happy to go to work tomorrow. No work day, even with lead gowns, equals how hard I worked today!

The before photo — note how hidden some of the rocks are and the weeds.



Almost the after photo — rocks to pick up and edge to till


That’s how many rocks i picked today!



My constant companions , relaxing in the well groomed garden.


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