Rain Delay

There was lots of progress on the weekend but it wasn’t all on the rock wall and that’s because it rained! Now in the last few years we have had a lot of rain delays but this year is different. We had the snow in April and 1/4″ since then hence the spotty garden and the constant watering of trees and shrubs. So we were pretty happy to find other projects to work on over the time it rained on the weekend. We ended up getting just over 1/2″ which we sorely needed. Now the rain wasn’t always timed perfectly for us but we made do.

We spent quite a bit of time working in the outbuilding (tractor shed) on Saturday as that was when the vast majority of the rain happened. It was demo day which is always a fun time as it doesn’t require a load of finesse and you can see steady progress. We needed to remove all the shelving, cupboards, odds and sods and particle board. This is in anticipation of putting in the new man door, windows, the beam and then insulation. It was interesting to note what the farmer used for insulation and note paper all at the same time. As an aside we have now removed all of the bracing from around the sill plates and there is still a tiny air cavity on the north side. Ron is going to fasten the building down in the four corners and will stick in a couple of extra tapcons in that area to help suck it down.

 We also stopped a few days ago at the farm site where we picked up the building. We had permission and so salvaged a bit of siding off the other building that had the same profile stuff  so that we can do some patching of the corners. It’s always tricky doing salvage on an old building like that but we were able, with our experience, to get a dozen boards that will work.

Ron and I are also on the same page about how to provide electricity to this building. We have decided to do a few solar panels rather than trenching out to it so that hopefully this building will be off the grid. The requirements for it won’t make it a heavy user and Ron actually wondered about trenching reversely for power storage. I think we can do it without losing the heritage look of the building.

I have no progress photos to show of the rock wall although we did make progress. We only got in a couple of pours before the run shut us down though. It’s like a big gamble whether or not to mix as the storm clouds roll around the sky. I took the photo below while we were working on the wall. The grasses and the clouds looked so awesome together. The stones are starting to build up as well but it does seem like slow which makes sense considering the size of the build.

We are always happy to have visitors and when they come bearing perennials that’s even better. It was strange timing as I had thought about needing some ferns and lily of the valley and then Claire phoned. She delivered during the rain storm and once it was over we went for a little grounds tour.  We were amazed to see saskatoons forming considering how dry it has been.

When she left it meant I had a new time sensitive project. So this am I pulled out the trusty shovel and prepared the site north of the garage by digging out insulation boards, clay and various weeds. Then I hand bombed half a yard of top soil into that spot and planted. I think it will be a month or two before we know if they really take. We had those two plants together on the north side of our city garage and they did well together.  She also brought out something that likes to spread and I put it just on the edge of that area.

Then once that was done I got to work with my handy dandy rototiller and cleaned up 95% of the circular garden. I did around the flowers and trees by hand. The tilling took me an hour and a half — it’s a pretty good work out and I’m slowly mastering the technique. It would take me a week of hand hoeing in the past so this is like a little miracle to me. With Ron’s assistance I might actually  figure out how to do the “easy start” of the engine by myself. Easy start — not so easy that’s all I’m going to say.

After all that activity today my reward was a lovely quiet walk with the dogs as dusk settled in. It was a gorgeous evening once the rain shower passed. It’s a hard decision which photo to end with — the walk one or the back step one where I was enjoying a beer, the sunset a s a cookie.

I was struck this evening by how far we have come in 8 years. Sometimes one only sees what needs doing but for right now I just enjoyed what is.



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