Homeward bound 

A colleague noted today that I have my own little piece of paradise and it is so true. Besides being lucky that we bought at the right time we have worked hard to create a home that reflects our values and personalities.  On tough weeks I look forward to the weekend so I can recharge my batteries in the peace and quiet of the country.     I absolutely love the post work afternoon walks with the dogs. It’s my little mini recharge. They are always so happy to spend time with me and the trail offers us all something no matter what the weather.

The inky black night

Envelopes me – city fades

Back to rural roots

It’s interesting to note that I found two haikus about this very subject in last year’s writings. I have hundreds of pictures that I could choose from to illustrate my points.

The quiet of the house

Settles around my shoulders

I so love our place


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