The gift

The moral of the story is to be careful what you wish for! After four years of missed birthday presents (his excuse was that he was away in Vegas) my husband bought me a Stihl rototiller. We went deluxe and got the easy start option with the major adjustable elements. I was pretty pumped to bring it home.

Then I realized that he gave me a gift that requires work — hm. I’m thrilled with the results of it but it has taken me some time to develop a decent level of competency with it. The easy start aspect is not so easy and I struggle nearly every time. There is a knack to going the right speed and getting it to dig in deep enough. I’m on the third tank of gas and have finished the garden hedge and the garden rows. It is certainly faster and goes deeper than hand hoeing but it must be followed up with a rake and then an episode of stone picking. It also will till up the wire mesh fencing so that required a few choice words to get free from and fix. It’s a pretty intense work out I am finding out.

For the first time since we planted the hedge two years ago it is weed free. It has still taken about 8 hours but I think it will now be easier to maintain. I will turn my attention to the circular driveway flower garden next. I am determined that this year the weeds will not take control of it as we have actually planted flowers in it. Plus we have a friend who is redoing his new yard and has a ton of awesome plants for us to transplant in a month or so which is my incentive to keep the weeds down and the plot ready for it’s next step.

Following that I will switch the type of Stihl that I am using and go hit my walking trails with the weed eater. I was out today for a much needed walk with my dogs and, despite the lack of rain, the trail is starting to get over grown. I also need to trim around all of the evergreen trees and the bushes.

It’s a good thing the June evenings are so long as there is always a lot of yard activity that is required at this time of year. I am still trying to decide how much of the garden I will reseed as the germination was dismal. There are no peas, carrots, lettuce or beets coming up at all. There is a dismal amount of beans, kale, onions and kohlrabi. The potatoes are decent with the brussel sprouts and cabbage being the only happy plants around. We have actually watered it a couple of times this year but it has juts been too dry.

Stihl in my hand

Weeds be gone in front of me

Happy trails again

I love June’s blessings

Days of sunshine and green grass

Sunrise and sunset


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