Level One Complete 

It sounds rather like a video game that Ron and I have been playing and we finally mastered the first level. Which would imply more complex things are ahead for us which could also ring true.

In reality we finished the first row of the west rock wall. We didn’t even get to take a self congratulatory pause as we had half a wheel barrel of mortar so we just moved back to the house side and started in again.

The north narrow end — at last!
The average, on a day off, would be  four mixes/pours a day. This varies a bit though depending on the weather, how much front finishing work there is for Ron to do and whether or not we have something else on during the day or evening.

Level 1 complete , somehow it doesn’t look that big from up on top!
I’ve been putting on a few kilometres hauling rocks; strangely enough it is mostly tiny, large tiny and small rocks sizes that we are running short of. We have a significant amount of medium to large to ex large rocks lying around in the lower and upper yard. The three super size rocks are now in place,  thankfully, and now we push forward with rocks we can manhandle. Well Ron can manhandle them although I’ve been moving some pretty substantial rocks. I am remembering to engage my core and work with the rock.

Long before this retaining wall is done that pile of rocks will be all used up.
As we move forward with what we call level two it becomes a smidgeon more complex. It’s an unlevel standing ground, down right awkward in places and BIG! We’ve also had two wheel barrels with flat tires which is pretty frustrating, especially seems we couldn’t find any to fit the old wheel. The new one seems a bit crazy as its only been used a few times since I received it from my children for Mother’s Day. It has been a huge help in hauling rocks around the yard as has been the skid steer. Ron has gotten to be such a smooth operator that the last super size rock looked easy.

Now it’s back to work for four days which will be a nice break from a life of manual labour.

One thought on “Level One Complete 

  1. Cheryl June 16, 2015 / 11:02 pm

    Again, I enjoyed reading about your accomplishments and I especially connected with your blog on roadblocks.You have a great way to describe the feelings we all have from time to time.


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