This could be taken literally or figuratively but how you handle the road blocks in life reflects a lot.


it finally printed — the blobs on either corner are my finger prints. Abstract art anyone??
When the tractor quits or the printer won’t respond what are your responses? Do you walk away and give up? Do you swear and yell and push harder? Do you back away and analysis why and what? Do you bark at those you love? Do you go clean your kitchen because it is something you can control or do you go read a book to escape? Will you return to finish what frustrated you?

These truly are random ramblings as I work through an evening when many little things zigged in my life. I decided not to be the supportive soccer wife and attend a cold dark match. I wanted to pick and print photos for a door prize but the printer failed to respond and when it did respond I wore half the printing. The cookies became slightly overcooked which is disappointing as I love to bake and expect my standard issue to be 100% on target all the time. I became overwhelmed trying to write a eulogy. So then I sat and watched the sun go down and tried to put it all into perspective.

Challenges – roadblocks

Reflect – focus – balance

Go ahead – face them

The roadblocks should be seen as just road blocks. We need to keep things in perspective and proportion but I recognize that this is easier said than done. It is easy to turn to our own personal dark side when the going gets tough. We have to reach inside, take a deep breath, refocus and come out holding onto the true priorities.

The minor worries 

Fade when faced with tragedy

Of true proportion

I try to remember to balance the little things with the bigger picture, the down sides with the sunsets and the prairie view. I know I am blessed, hardworking and living with my soul mate. But now I must get back to finding and sending the photos to the printer. The kitchen is clean, the cookies are away and the blog post is done. Good night.


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