Things I Love Thursday 

In the blogging world there are two Thursday options it seems — throw back Thursday or things I love Thursday. I have yet to do the latter category so decided it was time.  I love taking my work breaks outside in the sunshine, alone. It totally rejuvenates me.     I love barbecue season as the food tastes so good and there is outside time while it cooks — usually with a beer in my hand. Plus very little clean up.  I love waking up naturally — not to an alarm or a phone call. Those few moments when you don’t have to rush out of bed and can enjoy the peace and quiet of the house.    I love prairie wild flowers, the variety and colours are endless. There is no maintainance, they just pop up where and when they can. There is always something in bloom in the summer. I have a book but am still quite hopeless at identifying them.     I love humour. Laughing is so good for our souls and as adults we don’t laugh enough. I love laughing until my sides hurt. I love when my husband starts laughing while reading or watching something as his laugh is contagious.  I’ve had several chuckles today and a few of them have been at my own expense, beginning with my blog post. I was so impressed when I started writing this morning on my am break with an idea and photo concepts. Then this afternoon I realized it was Wednesday not Thursday. Well Dah but now, after a social evening and then 24 Black Forest chocolate cupcakes I have no time to do anything else. So maybe I’m just early.  Then the last laugh, only at that point i couldn’t find the humour, was when the post got stuck in limbo. I tried several actions to get it uploaded but eventually gave up and went to bed. So now on Thursday here is my “things  I love Thursday” post.  Bernie  

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