Not a Word

I had yesterday’s blog post completely finished and it was entitled A Word. It spoke about how a word that is positive or negative can change the connotation of a conversation, text or email. It talked about the context of those words in this specific situation.

Then I sat in the moon light and reviewed my thoughts. I then read the entry to my other half and had him reflect on it and his silence said what my heart already knew. These were private words that will remain a journal entry. Although it was well written and not vindictiave it could have been seen as being hurtful. The world has become a much smaller world, in many ways, than it was 50 years ago and information is shared with the click of a key. It is interesting to note that in a year of haiku’s, which I usually published daily on Facebook, I came across this one.

Not all my haikus
Can be seen by the public eye
Some are inner thoughts.

In reflection there are times in life when we need to bite our tongue and keep our thoughts inside our head. I was recently at a woman’s retreat weekend and one of the speakers talked about survival of the kindest not the fittest. Her motto about speaking to others was this.

  • Is is helpful?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Is it kind?

I shall go about my day today knowing that my intentions were honourable and that the perception of others did not see that. I will know that I kept my words inside my head but released the pain and discomfort of them into a journal entry.


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