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This is not a paid pharmaceutical   advertisement but it feels like it could be. It could also be part educational post as I review what I learned about deer flies which really doesn’t amount to much. 

What Wikipedia says about deer flies is really very little other than the fact that there are many species of The family Tabanidae. It is a bloodsucking female that does all the damage as the males just cross pollinate. It actually states that the bites hurt.  

Really? Who are they kidding? They are very painful and on me they swell up like crazy and are so tight, painful and itchy. I spritz on the Benadryl spray as soon as it happens. In the case of today I had to go to the store for oral Benadryl. 

Same story last summer only the reaction was even more severe. This could have been because the band has less places to “hide” edema than the thigh or calf or ankle. I was home alone last summer and actually had to go to the neighbour’s for meds. Two years before that I was stung up the nose by a flying something and ended up on antiobiotics as I ended up with an infection. Which is perhaps where this whole mess stems from. 

 The plus side is that there are medications that can help and it is annoying but not life threatening so in perspective it could be worse than 8 deer fly bites.