12 x 10

It would appear to be a mathematic type of post from the title but actually I am going to do 12 common knowledge facts and 10 uncommon tidbits about myself. I borrowed the concept off of my daughter’s blog where she did 24 facts when she was 24. I didn’t think anyone would stick around for 56 facts.

Common knowledge

  1. I don’t think I’m a fussy eater but I don’t do bananas. The smell makes me gag. I’m also not fond of strawberries or any kind of melon. Oh yeah and the smell of coffee makes me nauseated. Yes really it does.
  2. I love to grow a garden but have trouble remembering which flower is which. Like is that a lily or a iris? Pansies or petunias? Now veggies I know, grow, cook and eat.
  3. I am very solar powered and really NEED sunshine everyday. I get cranky if it’s hidden for long and can often tell you when it last shone. All my childhood memories center around sunny days. Hard to say if we ever got rain as I don’t remember those kinds of days.
  4. I have little to no sense of fashion. I find something I like and then I wear it for the next 10 years (seriously).
  5. A vehicle gets me from Point A to Point B. As long as it has two keys, a gas gauge and a spare tire I’m good to get in and go. Functioning windows are a nice touch as well.
  6. I lose things like keys (which is why vehicles must come with two keys so I can lose one set) and my phone and my wallet. I try hard to keep everything where it belongs so I don’t lose them but I do. It’s annoying being married to someone who rarely loses any thing.
  7. Hair colour or style isn’t really all that important.  I went grey early and wear it natural. My son has had every hair colour and style but the inside is more important than the window dressing aspect.
  8. I am mildly dyslexic which, I believe, is why math was never my strong suit. Balancing the check book can be a real issue for me and I’ve had to bribe my husband several times to sort it out for me.
  9. I am not, and have never been, much of a music person. I prefer silence or CBC radio. My musical knowledge is quite minimal and I honestly can’t hear the lyrics well.
  10. I am opinionated, strong willed and I’m willing to call a spade a spade instead of giving it a fancy name. This has, on many occasions, landed me in some touchy spots. I’m slightly less abrasive than I was 25 years ago.
  11. I LOVE chocolate — like addicted love dark dark chocolate. I gave up crappy quality stuff but can’t resist the good quality which would be ok if i could manage to keep the quantities down.
  12. I have had more flat tires than you can actually imagine. My best time — 9 mins to change it out. Of course the jack was still out from the flat 6 days before that. Yep that’s my luck.


So that’s all pretty common info if you know me or have been reading my blog for a while. Now let’s see if I can surprise anyone with the next part of the list. 

  1. I am an extrovert but I absolutely love alone time. It might seem like a contradiction but I need some time to re charge quietly. 
  2. My hair is thinning which is a sad and depressing fact. I don’t mind that I went gray and lost my color but I don’t want to lose my thick hair. 
  3. I can’t put eyedrops in myself. Heck even someone else struggles to get eyedrops in me. Let’s hope I don’t develop glaucoma like my parents. 
  4. I am not a morning person. It always seems like a good concept to get up early and do something but I can never follow through. I struggle to get up to an alarm on days when I have to work. 
  5. I don’t drink hard liquor. The intensity of it gives me shivers, especially scotch or rye. Liquids in order of preference – water, beer and milk. No tea or colas. 
  6. I see myself as fat. At my heaviest. several years ago, I was 190 lbs. It wasn’t a pretty picture and despite keeping off 45 lbs I still feel like i am fat. I struggle daily with my body image. 
  7. I do all the financial work in our house except for the taxes. Which is weird because my husband deals with numbers all day long in his professional life.
  8. I’m frugal or cheap or thrifty or whatever word you wan to call it. Now some may say that is actually common knowledge but lots of people see me as generous and don’t realize that I actually count pennies (well at least loonies). 
  9. I love finding clothes at the second hand store. It’s part frugal but also like a scavenger hunt to find just that perfect piece. Main line stores are actually kind of boring compared to the variety you can find at the best of these stores. 
  10. I am claustrophobic. Not brutally but enough that it occasionally affects my life. Even the wonderful rocky mountains can make me feel closed in. I’ve worked somewhere without windows for a lot of years and it can be a real struggle for me somedays.



Oh and I’m long winded although if you read the blog you know that’s true. If you know my in person stories then you are aware I rarely give the short version.   Now it would be interesting to know if any of those 12 or 10 were a surprise to anyone.


3 thoughts on “12 x 10

  1. Georgina May 29, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    not surprised by any…maybe the thinning of the hair…I just thought it was short!! I too get claustrophobic in the mountains. When I would go visit my sister in BC I could usually only last a week but then I had to come home. Ironically, my nephew that grew up in BC usually only lasts a week here in Sask, he is comforted by the closed in spaces. Funny how we all see things differently!!


  2. morganmg78 May 28, 2015 / 8:01 pm

    I feel extremely closed in while in the mountains. The Prairies and openness on the road are so much more relaxing. I’ll always be a SK girl. Although, an ever expanding ocean view is nice too.


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