Summer Reality

9 months ago I had this great idea (and no it wasn’t to have a baby) to blog every day. I started in September because it was like the start of the school year and now I wish I had decided to do it for the University year! In May the days are getting longer and longer which means we often don’t come in from outside until 10 pm. In September, when I started, the days were getting shorter and there is less and less time spent outside every day which allows for more flex time. I am quickly losing that “spare” time when I sat down and wrote.
So I am at a cross roads with my commitment — make my lunch and do supper dishes or sit down and write? I could write on my lunch break but I often find that I can’t find the inspiration during the work day as that is my down time. I do have 20 minutes during our carpool time but I try to reconnect with Ron at that point as we discuss our days and plans for the evening or upcoming events.
The blog as a record of our house restoration project is still a very valid portion of the blog site so I know for sure that aspect will continue. I could easily turn that into a once per week update which is what the original blog was. Perhaps look at certain themes for days which could potentially make the writing and inspiration easier. I do know that I often default back to haikus when I am in a time crunch. As it was part of the concept of this blog to highlight these along with appropriate photos that seems like an easy out. I do know that when haikus are the focus I have less readers dropping in. Which again begs the question of whether or not I am writing for me or for others which is something I have struggled with over the last few months (especially after the Rant went mini viral in December).

I am, as a rule, a fairly decisive person but I am waffling about whether or not to do any triathlons this year and what to do with the blog. Time will tell. If you have any thoughts about my indecisiveness please give me a nudge with them!


One thought on “Summer Reality

  1. Judy Wood May 28, 2015 / 9:44 am

    It’s your blog so you get to set the rules,and,over time,change them to suit yourself. Once a day is a considerable commitment, so cutting yourself some slack and reducing the frequency of posts is a perfectly reasonable concept.

    When I started my blog, I decided on once a week, and even at that I am sometimes scrambling at the last minute to get it done. Some people work on the “random, when the urge strikes” option, but I knew that for me unless I was working to a strict day of posting, I’d never get around to it. Maybe you could have “summer hours and winter hours” where you post regularly but less frequently in the outdoors season, and more frequently during the “school year”.


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