I shared a nickname a few posts ago but tonight I didn’t live up to being an energizer bunny.

Perhaps the last week of intense activity caught up with me today. I put in my usual full eight hours at work and then did errands until we left the city. I skipped my dog walk to try and revive my plants with a good watering. Then we sat down to supper and it was an hour before either of us managed to stand up. We did put in well over an hour in the yard but it was a tough sell to get moving.

I have a few haikus that reflect I occasionally have these sorts of evenings where finding energy seems difficult.

Total exhaustion

Bent spent and totally used

Evening on the couch

This is hilarious as a few months later I found another haiku identical in content but with a few words different.

Total exhaustion

Not sure why but its a fact

A couch spud tonight

Once we were outside working I felt better, as I knew I would. Then all too soon the sun was setting. As always, I stopped and took a monent to appreciate the serenity and beauty of it. Now I look in my haiku journal and I find two quite similar sunset ones that just deserve a photo.

A prairie sunset

Wondrous evolving scene

Speaks inside my soul

The tranquility

Of sunset in the country

Speaks deep in my soul

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