My plan for yesterday’s post was a piece on modern farming practices. I spent eight hours over 3 days driving the north south route and it gives you plenty of thinking and observation  time. 

Then I got home and had raspberries to plant, meat to weigh and divide and my own beef to store in the over full freezer. Followed all that up with delivering meat and watching my man play soccer left absolutely no time for writing.

Plus I spent some retrospective time on the trip thinking about a blog post I read the night before. It popped up on my reader screen and it was about writing and editing. The long story of it is that you should have a protagonist, keep the story on target and use the right amount of words to say what needs to grow. This editor had said that all 7000+ words were wasted as the story was so poor.

 Which then lead me to thinking critically about my writing and how I ramble on in today’s subject. I put consistent effort into opening and closing statements as well as word choice. I am quite sure most of my writing lacks the protagonist and a plot as it is a reflection on my days. So then I reviewed blogs in my head that I enjoy and thought about why people read what I write. In the end I came to the conclusion that blogging is not the same as creative writing.

I have also spent some time over the last two days reflecting with new found mental clarity on my values. We are all busy but does the “busy” in our lives emulate the important factors or is it just clutter. My family and friends are very high on my values list so giving back rejuvenates me. It also helps remind me of how blessed I am to have the health, stamina and mental strength to give that 110% that I do.

And now it’s time to close the ramble. I don’t have a closing statement and I know I have rambled but hey it’s my blog!


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