Bridges by Bike 

Spencer, in all his glory, took the lead and occasionally cut down to do jumps while we all stayed up top!
The South Saskatchewan River cutting through Saskatoon. The land of living skies in all it’s glory.
This post was derailed for a couple of days due to an ugly GI bug that hit me Friday night when I would regularly have been hitting the laptop to post. It has taken me 48  hours to feel like I am back. So here, at last, is our fabulous Friday adventure. Our young Australian friends, Alex and Brandt, had a day to spend with us so we toured Saskatoon by bike. I know from other countries what a great way it is to soak in the sites so thought I would try it in my own backyard (so to speak).

Known as the City of Bridges it seemed appropriate to take a photo of a bridge. Here comes Alex down the Broadway Bridge.
After a lunch stop we headed back out along the trail. Here we are stopped at the Weir checking out the pelicans and the train bridge.  
The result of an iconic animal actions. No sign of the beaver though.
Obviously this portion of the MVA trail needs some work done on it. This wasn’t a beaver just an old tree.
Know in our house as “the rock” it showcases the lovely smiles of our young friends and the beautiful river view. I love where I live but I do miss the river walks and bikes that I used to take.
Our vehicle trip took us to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park to highlight the heritage aspects. On our way to see the barn we happen to see the back side of the grizzly pen and we got a great view of them.
We biked 27.75 kms on a sunny warm day with many stops for explanations and discussion. I hope that they enjoyed seeing our city this way. They were troopers and the upside was that they were so tired at the end of the day they slept through my nighttime of noisy vomiting.




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