Green Toe? 

I would be the first to admit that I lack a flowering green thumb. Now I grow many a vegetable and seem to manage well with them. In fact, I really love having a large garden and being able to grow lots of our food. There are days where it is a lot of work as I am currently hand weeding it all with no real mulch available. The upside is how incredible the food tastes.

Last fall’s final harvest


A few years ago I was introduced to succulents out at Solar Gardens and fell in love with them. They are low maintenance, handle wind and cats equally well. They winter quite well in our house so I’ve had the same planter of them now for about 5 years.

Lovely colours and textures

I do a few planters every year as I love the colours. I struggle to remember the names of each variety and figuring out what grew well last year. They require regular water and the wind plays serious havoc with them. I often wonder why we bother but every year I spend some cash on plants and optimistically try again.

We finally have two sheltered flower beds along the garage. We also have two dogs and two cats and somehow they seem to have adopted that space as theirs. We have left some items in big planters as it keeps them safer but then they need lots of water. Last fall I bought $20 worth of bulbs at Early’s and was quite excited to put them in the ground. Alas only 1 came up which I think is a direct reflection on the cats.  

Now it’s time to put in perennials in the big circular garden. We have an excellent book by Sara Williams called Prairie Xeriscape which we should make some notes in. I’m going to pick up some lillies and irises (which I have never been able to distinguish between) tomorrow am. Here is our chance to think bold and big. Waves of colour as things progress along is what my concept is. We shall see what the reality is but if you have any thoughts about plants that like full sun, full wind and little water please feel free to leave a comment. Or better yet a drawing of what plant should go where!!

Prepping the circular garden.

One always lives hopeful in this climate that the sun shines, the wind stays relatively calm and that the rain comes when needed. Fingers crossed!!


3 thoughts on “Green Toe? 

  1. creaturecomfortquilts May 14, 2015 / 5:49 am

    Day lilies would be a good choice. You may want to check out High Country Gardens, which is a mail order plant source in NM. Their prices are not low, but their quality and commitment behind their plants is very solid. They also can just give you ideas as well for the best plants for xeriscaping. I found that they had a lot available that was unavailable elsewhere, in addition to some tried and true favorites. For Edible Landscaping ideas, There is a company called this in Afton, VA. Again, good plants, relatively high plant cost and shipping cost, lots of unusual varieties available. I have found that purchasing their smaller plants is a good idea, less cost on plants and shipping and they grow well. And my plants arrived in good condition. They may just be a good source for ideas and inspirations with purchase of plants locally. Good luck, it is so fun to start with a blank slate!


    • bernielynne May 14, 2015 / 8:28 am

      Thanks for the suggestions. We have a small local nursery that grows all her plants outside year round so they are very hardy. That’s where I will shop for sure once I make the list of what to plant.

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