The Lull

The lull is always a time of wide open spaces on the calendar and of relaxed suppers with time for projects in the evening. The lull only happens a couple of times a year and I truly enjoy it while it is ongoing.

In case you aren’t into sports or haven’t had school aged children yet I will tell you what the lull is. It’s that lush rejuvenating period between winter sports activities and spring/summer activities. Then it returns as the lull between end of summer and start of fall/winter activities. It’s a chance to catch your breath and look a little deeper around. Those two months of the year where the calendar seems bare.

Once the sports seasons starts again it’s always a balancing act of car-pooling, early or late suppers and doing laundry in time for the next game. I just spent a few minutes finding all the supplies to take my bike to the city tomorrow for a ride so it doesn’t always have to be an organized sport although usually it is. It definitely changes the food choices when you have to run, swim, or bike 30 minutes after supper. We then have to add on the car-pooling aspect plus owning dogs and it can become a logistic challenge some days.

The plus side is that it is important to keep physically active as Chris’s rules allude to. You can review a post I wrote a few months ago based on the book called “Younger next year”. He also talks about how important it is to connect and make commitments which in essence is what team sports are all about. He also says don’t eat crap so we strive to continue to eat our fruits, veggies and proteins which is, for sure, harder to do on the run. Would we change any of this? Not a chance. We gave our children years of different sports and a huge commitment to each of them to expand their horizons and push themselves. They are both still physically very active and that stems from a foundation of fitness and commitment. For ourselves it continues to be a corner stone for both of us although I am changing my sports up this spring.


Now I’d better go so that I can get my biking stuff organized for the am.


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