For the past three decades I’ve been saying that I’m going to go bed earlier tonight. For the past 200+ days I’ve been thinking I should blog earlier in the day. Now I haven’t gone out of my way to set myself up for failure but I’m batting at about -500 for doing either of those things before 10pm. 

For one thing I am a natural evening owl. I am not, and never will be, a true morning person. I come alive about mid afternoon with huge bursts of energy that lasts well into the evening hours. I aim for bed around 11:00 most evenings. Even when I make it on time I often lay away for a while or a long time (although I’ve been significantly better since coincidence or collaboration post). Rinse and repeat for five work days. 

I could blog on a break at lunch and do actually start a few at that time. I find though, that my thoughts clear 

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